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Conical-cylindrical gears KC

Conical-cylindrical gears KC
  • Conical-cylindrical gears KC
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Bevel-Helical Gear (KC).

The company produces the following types of gearboxes:

• horizontal and vertical cylindrical gears one-, two- and three-stage;
• Single worm gearboxes;
• Combined gearboxes: Conical-cylindrical two- and three-stage, four-stage worm-cylindrical;
• special, including according to customer drawings.


Gearboxes are classified according to several criteria: by transmission type (gear, worm or rack-and-worm), the number of stages (single-stage, two-stage, three-stage), the type of gears (cylindrical, conical, worms) and location of the input and output gear shafts (horizontal, vertical ). When selecting the gearbox is taken into account the nature of the external load and its dynamics, the necessary torque to the output shaft rotational speed of the input and output shafts, the duration of daily work and the start-up rate (the so-called utilization ratio).

Bevel-helical gear unit which contains a bevel gear. Such a gearbox is needed if the power supply and the selection shaft axes intersect. The gearbox can be horizontal and vertical, depending on the need. Bevel gears (the first step) are performed preferably with curvilinear tooth profile as the first stage experiences the greatest angular and linear velocity (about 60000 \ min), the smooth wheels with straight teeth can be achieved.

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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