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Shchebnevy plants (crushed-stone plants) or the crushing equipment it is necessary for crushing of solid materials for the purpose of their destruction and processing in construction material. Crushing of rocks in crushed stone or stone flour or for crushing of concrete and reinforced concrete waste.
For crushing of rocks various plants and installations of crushing are used. They can work with such breeds as: basalt, granite, gravel, limestone, a diorite, plaster, marble, ore, dolomite, slags, slates, concrete, reinforced concrete, building wastes, etc. – all this crushers or other name successfully split up shchebnevy crushers.
Usually, before crushing process, rock is cut a certain sizes – pieces of a stone up to 400 mm in size, at extent of crushing 1:200 - 1:300. For preparation of a high-quality product - crushed stone modern crushing plants are used.
Shchebnevy plants (crushed-stone plants) or the crushing equipment happens different types: shchekovy, conical, roll, molotkovy; at the same time conveyors are used; grokhota; units of crushing and sorting; (sit) automatic machines for weaving of metal gauzes for grokhot, complete with the bending machine for a wire.
Shchyokovy crushers are intended for primary crushing of material and can be used as independently, and in a complex as with conical, and rotor crushers that gives the chance to receive smaller fractions of the improved form.
The Shchekovy crusher can be equipped with a magnetic separator and is very effective when processing reinforced concrete building wastes.
Conical crushers are intended for secondary and tertiary crushing of breeds of any fortress and abrasivity. Crushers are equipped with metal-detectors, systems of work "under a blockage" and rotary reception bunkers.
Rotor crushers are applied to crushing of not abrasive breeds of average fortress. The rotor crusher can be used for primary (max a loading piece – 600 mm) and secondary crushing.


for customers TOV "TVP "HІMMAShEKSPORT" Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine