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  • Kalandrovy lines - production of RTI

Kalandrovy lines - production of RTI

Kalandrovy lines - production of RTI
  • Kalandrovy lines - production of RTI
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Kalandrovy lines are developed with the maximum tension and ideal accuracy, have long service life, good operational conveniences, are very economical. The Kalandrovy line (Ukraine) has high precision of thickness due to hydraulic adjustment of a gap between rolls (accuracy of thickness gives considerable economy of expenses). Rolls are made of the cast cast iron and titanic alloys.

Similar characteristics, like low and continuous shrinkage in the cross direction, strict admissions according to thickness, excellent planeness of a rubber leaf, lack of distortions on edges, lack of bends – all these conditions are important and the major for production of RTI. The mode of the line can be regulated manually or an electric way.

Are made of the cooled alloys at which the working surface has the high hardness so they wearproof and durable. Price of the kalandrovy line contractual. It is available in various sizes and technical characteristics. The equipment allows to make products from rubber, weighing from several gram to 100 - 150 kg. Using kalandrovy lines, RTI are created high-strength and wearproof.

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