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Services catalog

The wreath is gear
1500 UAH(500 EUR)
Production of gear wreaths, wheels, gear wheels frictional to m 32 and with a diameter up to 5000 mm.
Group: Gear-cutting works
1500 UAH(200 EUR)
Turning to diameter of 1000 mm, long 7500 mm.
Group: Production of details according to the drawings of a customer
Milling works
1500 UAH(150 EUR)
Milling works on drawings of the customer and individual development of drawings.
Group: Milling on CNC machines
Heat treatmen
1500 UAH(500 EUR)
Heat treatment of details - annealing, normalization, improvement, volume training, cementation, nitriding, TVCh.
Group: Thermal processing details
Welding works
1500 UAH(500 EUR)
Welding works, naplavka as firm alloys - all types.
Group: Welding


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