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  • TsO reducer - 70

TsO reducer - 70

TsO reducer - 70
  • TsO reducer - 70
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Reducers are applied everywhere and to various purposes. Mission of a reducer is change of the direction, size of a torque which is transferred from a movement source to working body. There are several types of reducers which provide various extents of change of frequency of rotation and design features. At the same time there are standards which define a standard number of the transfer relations, configurations of reducers and so on. On our website you have an opportunity to download drawings of all main types of reducers - cylindrical, conic, worm, reversive, etc. We suggest you to download drawings as standard one - two - and three-stage reducers, and drawings of drives of various equipment which part reducers are.
Reducers classify by the following main signs: Transfer type: gear, worm, gear and worm; Number of steps: one-stage, two-level etc. Type of cogwheels: cylindrical, conic, conic and cylindrical etc. A relative arrangement of shaft of a reducer in space: horizontal, vertical; Features of the kinematic scheme: developed coaxial, with the doubled step, etc.

The transferred power, kW, 400;

Frequency of rotation of a high-speed shaft, rpm, 600;

Transfer number 6,522; 4,5;

Module normal 8;

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TsO-70 reducer














Power, kW






Frequency of rotation of a high-speed shaft, rpm






Transfer number, і






The module is normal, mm



Number of teeths

Shaft gear wheel / zubch.koleso



Weight, kg

TPP HIMMASHEXPORT LTD has all facilities to manufacture and supply:

  1. Spare parts to internal rubber mixers, calendering machines, roll mills, extrusion machines, in particular: mixing chambers, rotors (weld neck bushings, rotor seals), reduction gear assembly, speed reduction device SHM-250, KC-60, KC-50, KC-70, CO-70, CO-75, CO-80, BSM and etc., shafts, spline shafts, spline bushings, couplers, gear wheels, circular tooth gear wheels, helical tooth gear wheels, friction gear wheels, drive gear wheels, gear shaft, tooth-wheels, sheave wheels, tread bands, bushings, sleeves, bed plates (molded, welded).
  2. Hobs for extrusion machineswith length of threaded part up to 2500 mm, with diameter up to 400 mm, (warm type extrusion machine, cold type extrusion machine, hot type extrusion machine, cold typeextrusion machines assembly unit, grainers, strainer extruders) of complex form, single-thread, multiple-thread, withvariable pitch and diameter, with adjustable pitch and form according to zones, sleeves and etc.
  3. Calender linescompleted with automated control system based onindustrial computers.
  4. Rolls to calendering machines, rolls with inner barrel for cooling and rolling with marginal drilling for cooling. Roll mills, units with 2 and 3 roll mills.Laboratory roll mills.
  5. Internal rubber mixers lines based on internal rubber mixers RS-270, 250, 90, 71equipped with update ingredients dispensing and compound rubber cooling system (festoon-type cooling plant)
  6. Bases, vaporizing chambers, speed reducing devices with down and vertical travel, other spare parts to shaper vulcanizers.
  7. Castings for spare parts and rotors tointernal rubber mixers RS-270, 250, 90, 71, RSVD-140are made according to new European cast technology - using forms out of coldconsolidating mixtures (CCM), which enables to gain cast precision class 8-13, in complex geometry forms with precision 1 mm., high quality of surface smoothness and low grade of casting defects. Forms and pins are made at forming line of preparing self-hardening mixtures by OMEGA company(England) according to cold-box furan process technology. Starting material as well as finished products are subjects to laboratory testing (via spectrometer SOLARIS CCD Plus, Italy) which secures obtaining of molds with one-to-one correspondence of targeted microstructural and chemical composition of product.
  8. We also supply assembly units as well as spare parts to enterprises of such spheres: rubber technical industry, cable manufacturers, tires manufacturers, asbestos technological companies, hydropower plants, heat and power stations, mining and processing complexes. Utilization of manufactured equipment in chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, mining and ore mining, oil and gas extraction, building and many other industry fields.
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 07.11.2018

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